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Default Update on Greg and the book

I miss you guys. But you already know why I don't spend much time here these days.

Just wanted to let you know that I just discovered that the book is finally on GoogleBooks! It's only a sample, but it's nice to finally have at least some of the text on the web. I keep hoping that someone will scan the book and post it somehow online so that it can be forwarded and spread. But of course I can't suggest such.

And been meaning to alert you to my recent performance at the American Geophysical Union's Fall Meeting alongside the biggest luminaries in climate science. There were about 250 climate scientists left in the hall when I spoke (if that's the word for it--more like railed) just before lunch. Later on the panel I hijacked the discussion and harangued a standing room only crowd of over 1000.

It was my Hail Mary pass, and I decided the one regret I didn't want to risk was that I didn't say more. So I spoke truth to power (or, as it came out, madness to power), and left nothing unsaid. (That's for damn sure.)

Anyway, don't have time for the whole story, though you certainly deserve it. You can find the text and some background on how I ended up delivering a speech with the exact opposite message of what I'd been planning on I haven't released the audio to anyone because of the denial machine's attempts to malign AGU with my over the top performance, but would send it to any of you if you are interested in hearing me channel William Lloyd Garrison. Email me at wonderingmind42 at gmail dot com if you want it.

Despite the "Mega Mea Culpa" I issued a couple days later in response to Steven Mosher's piece on me at WUWT, in retrospect, the only thing I regret about the speech is the first paragraph. Afterward the convener and I laughed about how, halfway through my first paragraph, he was thinking "Okay, if he pull out a knife and tries to commit hari kari on stage, I'll throw my body on him."

Instead, I wish I'd opened with an amiable statement about how this wasn't at all what I expected to say.

For better or worse, I laid all my cards on the table, speaking what is in my heart completely unfiltered, for the first time ever. It was tremendously uncomfortable (I wished that the spirit of Garrison had chosen someone else to channel him), but I'm glad I did it. Flame of glory and all that.

On a fun note, I was just invited to author a chapter in a book of essays on global sustainability being put together by a couple profs at Fordham University. I'm going to tell them that I am retired from the debate in order to focus on my family (and--between you and me--building our lifeboat) unless it serves them by bringing in income. A sad state, but necessary.

Apparently they used my book in one of their MBA classes! And I discovered last year that another college course on enviro issues or something structured most of the course around my risk analysis methods. It doesn't feed the family, but it's a small salve for the burn of the last few years.

Along the lines of the lifeboat, you might be interested in something I've created in my town to pursue just such. You can check it out at if you're interested (and have a gmail acct--if not, send me and email and I'll invite you). Read the first few messages from the bottom to get an idea of what it's about.

Oh, and one last thing. You deserve the full story, but for now here's the bottom line: we're ****ed. AGU rattled me to the core because my worst-case fears were not just confirmed, but exceeded (I found four paleoclimatologists who admitted to making plans for survival retreats), and my last hope--for the scientific community to enter the public debate--was completely dashed. So I have no hope. Strangely that's brought a great calmness. I guess I've finally gotten to the last stage of grief: acceptance. Turns out hope is incredibly agitating. If you see a way out, you work like hell to get there. But now that there's no hope, I can settle into my family, and finally make tangible progress is making us more resilient to the coming times, which is of great satisfaction and peace of mind.

Hope you all are taking such steps yourselves. You are amongst the few who don't deserve what's coming.

If there are replies on this thread and you don't see me, someone please email me letting me know after a while. I don't really do online stuff much anymore (except research financial markets, which I think are going to get us first). A heads up: the early stages of hyperinflation have a decent chance of occurring this year--possibly within 6 to 9 months. I hope not. But I'm not going to bet our security on that hope.

Best of fortune to you all. You are always in my heart.

Yours Always,
Greg (wonderingmind42)
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